Zimbabwe School Swallowed By A Mining Sinkhole; 17 Injured

The entire classroom falls into a sinkhole.

Seventeen primary schoolchildren in Zimbabwe have been injured and are being treated in a hospital after a big sinkhole presumably broke up underneath their classroom due to mining work.

The primary school in Kwekwe, a city about 200 kilometres (125 miles) southwest of the capital, Harare, is located near two gold mines. School management had complained about illegal mining activities underneath its grounds in the past.

On her Twitter account, Kwekwe Central Constituency Member of Parliament Judith Tobaiwa posted pictures of the incident and urged swift action to be taken to address it.

“One girl has been seriously injured and arrangements have been made for her to be rushed” to the hospital, local lawmaker Judith Tobaiwa told AFP.

Photos circulating on social media showed a hole opening under the classroom’s floor, swallowing up desks, chairs, and school bags.

According to Tobaiwa, 17 students aged 10 to 11 were injured.

“They are still blasting, and the whole school premises are shaking,” she added, while speaking on the phone from the scene of the accident.

Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima said the authorities had ordered the school to close and were trying to find alternative placements for its pupils.

‘As government we are very shocked by this incident and disappointed that the miners didn’t take the requisite measures to secure the area in order to prevent such an accident,’ he said.

(With inputs from agencies)

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