Watch: Indulge In The Taste of Summer With This Homemade Natural Mango Ice Cream Recipe

As the warm summer breeze hits us, there’s nothing more refreshing than a scoop or more of chilled ice cream. The season puts forth a wide range of ice cream flavours in front of us but mango ice cream is the best pick to capture the essence of summer. Ice creams are readily available in markets and ice cream stalls all around us. But they come with artificial flavours and preservatives, which are not too inviting. The good thing about ice cream is you can easily make it at home, then why not try this homemade mango ice cream with fresh mangoes that are also present in your kitchen?
Bursting with tropical flavours and made with love, this delightful homemade mango ice cream will impress your loved ones. What sets homemade natural mango ice cream apart is its use of fresh, ripe mangoes. The vibrant summer fruit, known for its succulent sweetness and vibrant colour, infuses the ice cream with a natural and authentic taste. By using real mangoes instead of artificial flavours, the homemade version is a sensory delight that transports you straight to a sun-kissed beach.
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What Is Mango Ice Cream Made Of?

Mango ice cream requires only a handful of ingredients that are easily available in local stores. Usually, the ice cream is made by combining mangoes with sugar, milk and cream. This recipe shared by chef Ananya Banerjee on her YouTube channel goes a step further and also adds some mango chunks for a crunchy bonus. Also, the recipe adds some mango pulp for deep mango flavour in the ice cream.
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How To Make Mango Ice Cream At Home I Natural Mango Ice Cream Recipe:

Take ripe mangoes and cut the flesh into cubes. Blend half of the mango cubes along with milk powder, powdered sugar, fresh cream and milk. You can blend it all in a mixer grinder or use a hand blender. If using a hand blender, first whip the cream well separately and then blend it with the rest of the ingredients. Churn it well to make a creamy paste.
Pour the paste into an airtight glass container or just a glass container that you can close with a cling wrap. Mix the rest of the mango cubes in the paste to add the crunch of the mangoes. You can also add some mango pulp to intensify the flavour of the mango. Now wrap tightly with the lid or cling wrap. Make sure the cling wrap touches the surface of the ice cream so that no air bubbles are formed. Air bubbles make the ice cream icy not creamy.
Freeze the ice cream to set for 6-7 hours or overnight. Enjoy chilled sweet natural mango ice cream this summer!
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Watch the complete recipe video of homemade natural mango ice cream here:

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