Ties Intact, Says Lt Governor. These Are Small Things, Says Arvind Kejriwal

The LG office and AAP dispensation have attacked each other over a range of issues.

New Delhi:

In reference to strained relations with the AAP government, Delhi Lt Governor V K Saxena on Friday said that the “dignity of speech” has broken down in recent days, but the relationship will remain intact.

There is no doubt, the dignity of speech has been hurt in the last few days, Mr Saxena told reporters at the Vidhan Sabha when asked about “soured” relations between him and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

“But, I would cite a beautiful thing a tree said about the wind to answer your question,” he said with the Chief Minister and Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel in attendance.

“Roz girate hai patte mere phir bhi tootate nahi hawaon se rishte mere (my relation with the wind is not severed though it sheds my leaves every day,” the Delhi LG said.

Mr Saxena asserted his relations will remain intact with the government and added “It’s our government. How can our relations deteriorate!”

Mr Kejriwal in a separate interaction with reporters replied to Mr Saxena’s statement saying, “These are small things. Democracy should be respected. If two crore people have elected a government then it should be allowed to work. It’s not right if you do not let the government work and put obstacles before it.”

The LG office and AAP dispensation have attacked each other over a range of issues including a teacher trip to Finland for training and the recent arrest of former Deputy CM Manish Sisodia in an alleged liquor policy scam.

Mr Kejriwal had in the past hit out at Saxena questioning his locus standi to interfere in the elected government’s works and bypass it by taking independent decisions.

The LG in his Friday address said that “several obstacles” came up and despite that the government did well, Mr Kejriwal told reporters.

“We are witnessing how the elected government is being harassed to prevent it from functioning. However, the AAP government is doing good work overcoming all those obstacles which are being acknowledged by the people of the country and Delhi,” Mr Kejriwal said.

With the worsening relations between the LG and Chief Minister, the weekly meetings on Friday between the two, which were started with an aim of coordination, have also been discontinued.

Mr Saxena in his address to the Assembly House on the first day of the budget session, highlighted various achievements of the government.

Accompanied by the Chief Minister and the Speaker, the LG also visited “Fansighar” located in the Assembly premises, after his address to the House.

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