Pakistani Students Organise Mock Wedding And Internet Is Going Crazy

A wedding night was hosted by students.

College days lay the foundation for the rest of our lives, but they are also the finest moments to enjoy youth, life, and have a good time.To make it memorable and enjoyable, all students participate in entertaining events at their universities.

Students at a university in Pakistan organised a complete mock wedding with a bride, groom, baaraat, and marriage, drawing inspiration from these beliefs.Even though this event had no true purpose, it was a lot of fun, and students could be seen dancing and having a great time.

The event was captured on camera, and a video of it has since gone viral, enthralling South Asians in particular, mainly Pakistanis.

Watch the video here: 

According to the report by Bol News, the crowd seen in the video are students of Lahore University of Management Sciences. For the event, two seniors are chosen to play the roles of the bride and groom.

The unique but strange event has gained widespread online acclaim, receiving thousands of views as well as several likes and comments on a variety of social networking sites.

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