One-Legged US Man Attacked By 1,000 Killer Bees, Stung Over 250 Times

Killer bees are aggressive and widely regarded as dangerous.

In a shocking moment, a 60-year-old one-legged Arizona man and his dog were attacked by 1,000 killer bees and stung over 250 times.

The terrifying situation didn’t end until the firefighters used a hose to wash the insects away.

According to the Arizona Family, around 1,000 bees attacked John Fischer, 60, and his dog Pippin when they were out walking in their Florence suburb on Saturday night. With his shirt covering him from the swarming insects, Mr. Fischer, who lost a leg to infection roughly eight years ago, sought to crawl on the ground.

Mr. Fischer said he sustained over 250 stingers in his body in the harrowing attack, which left him with stings on his arms, eyes, mouth, ears, legs, and back, as well as scrapes from crawling on the ground after his wheelchair overturned.

“I crawled my way for a period of time to try to get far away from where they were, but they, of course, just followed me,” Fischer told Arizona Family.

Fischer is now covered in bee stings on his arms, eyes, mouth, ears, legs, and back. He also has scrapes on his knees and elbows from crawling on the sidewalk.

He said his dog, Pippin, was also stung over 50 times and was taken to an animal hospital. Pippin is now home and given a 9/10 chance of surviving, but he is in bad shape.

“He’s sick. We’re trying to get him to drink. He is very sore, and what I can see is that he’s pretty lethargic. We’re also giving him Benadryl, so that’s going to knock him out,” said Fischer.

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