On Camera, Delhi Man Hits Daughter-In-Law With Brick. She Wanted To Work

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.


A 26-year-old woman in Delhi was grievously injured after her father-in-law hit her with a brick on Tuesday in northwest Delhi because she wanted to work, the police said.

The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

Kajal wanted to work to support her husband Praveen Kumar which made her father-in-law furious, officials said, adding she was attacked by the man on Tuesday while she was going for a job interview.

The video shows Kajal walking in a lane in Delhi’s Prem Nagar when her father-in-law approaches with a brick in his hands.

He is seen confronting the woman and when she tries to leave, he repeatedly hits her in the head with the brick. 

Kajal tries to escape, but the man chases her with the brick, the video shows.

She was rushed to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital by Praveen where she received 17 stitches to treat her head injury. 

A case has been filed against Kajal’s father-in-law based on a complaint filed by her parents who live in Faridabad, officials said.

Investigation in the case is on, they said.

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