Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along’s Video Of Cloud-Capped Mountains Mesmerises Twitter

Internet users loved the stunning clip

Temjen Imna Along, tourism and higher education minister in Nagaland, is known for his amazing sense of humour and fun captions on social media. He constantly keeps his fans and followers updated with important life advice, his personal life and also gives people insights into the culture of the Northeastern state. This time, he shared a mesmerising video showcasing the pristine beauty of his state.

In his characteristic witty style, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader wrote, ”Someone recorded the video, I uploaded it. But I selected the music myself,” while posting the video. 

Watch the video here:

The beautiful video opens to show a picturesque sight with clouds floating above a valley while the music of the Bollywood song ‘Are re are ye kya hua’ plays in the background. One can also see little houses in the mountains and it is a sight to behold. Though the exact location of the video is not known, many users claimed that it is from Nagaland. 

Internet users loved the amazing clip and many expressed their desire to visit Nagaland. One user wrote, ”Beautiful morning of Nagaland. This one and many videos you post pull me to visit as a tourist. What would be the best time to visit, key places for tourists plz share.” 

Another commented, ”Nagaland is beautiful. I would like to visit once and certainly, will meet you when I come  please don’t forget to give me an appointment then.” A third appreciated his music choice and said, ”The song goes well with the scenic beauty of the video.” 

A fourth added, ”Mesmerising as usual !!!! Bollywood and other regional film industries should get attracted to shoot in North Eastern states.”

Two days back, he posted a picture of himself surrounded by children practicing martial arts. The minister called himself a “Sumo wrestler” and the children “Karate Kids” in his tweet.  On World Sleep Day on Friday, he shared a photo that showed him and several others dozing off on the chairs in what appeared to be an auditorium. 

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