Korean Man’s On-Point Bihari Accent Leaves Internet Stunned

The video has garnered over 76,000 views on Instagram.

A video is going viral on the internet which shows a Korean man fluently speaking in Hindi with a Bihari accent. Posted on Instagram by Prashant Kumar, a content creator, the video shows Mr Kumar in conversation with a Korean man named Charlie.

The video shows the Korean man exploring some places in Patna. His accent is so flawless that it will leave you stunned.

Watch the video here:

So far, the video has garnered over 76,000 views on Instagram.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “Guys it’s pankaj Tripathi in another one of his stellar performances.”

Another user wrote, “He is more Bihari than me.”

The third user commented, “This guy does look Korean and the fact he is speaking hindi with different accent it’s cute, his laugh and smile is so beautiful too.. and the way you both interact it’s so cute.”

The duo has uploaded multiple videos on Instagram. In one of the video, Mr Kumar asks Charlie about the marine drive. He said, “Bohot badal gaya hai. Ye jo dikh raha hai, ye bohot saaf hogaya hai. Ye bridge toh bhayankar bana hai (The city has changed a lot. Everything seems to have become cleaner. Even the bridge that has been constructed is awesome.)


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