“It Was Kind Of Weird”

Image was shared by Aahana Kumra. (courtesy: aahanakumra )

New Delhi:

After she was filmed telling a fan posing for a photo with her not to touch her, actress Aahana Kumra told Hindustan Times that the encounter was “weird” and called for boundaries to be respected. A viral clip some days ago showed Aahana posing with a male fan at an event. As he tries to put his arm around her, she is heard telling him “Please don’t touch me.” Picture done, Aahana walks away looking disturbed. The actress was praised on social media for keeping calm and carrying on.

Aahana Kumra told Hindustan Times, “I agreed for a picture but I was like, ‘Sorry, you can’t touch me’. It was kind of weird. Being public figures who have our lives out in the open on social media, people think we are so accessible, as they see us almost every day. Sometimes the lines get blurred. They think that they know us, but we don’t know them. I feel like there has to be a boundary maintained.”

Stressing the need to tighten security around public figures, Aahana continued, “There should be bouncers to make sure that these kinds of people are not there. It’s very important. When we are being called to any of these events or parties, our security must be also kept in mind. Although this happened a little later at night, I feel like security is still secure. There was nobody actually to cordon these people off. I don’t even know who they were. I had no idea this was even posted online.”

Talking about her reaction post the incident, Aahana Kumra said, “it kind of threw me off. I’ll be very careful now at an event and I will politely decline any photos because if it’s going to be harassment, I might as well stay away from it.”

Take a look at the viral clip here: 

In terms of work, Aahana Kumra is best known for starring in films such as Lipstick Under My Burkha, The Accidental Prime Minister and The Blueberry Hunt. She has also featured in a bunch of short films such as Siberia, Dreaming Awake, Ek Tha Main and Queen Of Hearts. On television, she’s featured in shows such as Agent Raghav and Yudh.

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