How To Make Yummy Maharashtrian Phodnicha Bhaat At Home (Quick Recipe Inside)

Do you tend to open your fridge and spend minutes wondering what to make? You may have good ingredients, but you might not always have the time or energy to cook an elaborate meal. This is a problem many of us face. We often end up relying on instant packaged meals and/or forcing ourselves to finish the leftovers. But don’t lose heart! If you often end up with extra leftover rice, you can use it to make amazing snacks and dishes. One option is to cook light and flavourful Phodnicha Bhaat. Once you try this yummy dish, you will be tempted to make it again and again – leftover rice or not!
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What Is Phodnicha Bhaat?

Phodnicha Bhaat (or Fodnicha bhat) is a Maharashtrian recipe for cooking leftover rice with onions, chillies and a handful of spices. It can be translated to “tadka rice” or “tempered rice.” In some ways, it is similar to South Indian-style lemon rice. Phodnicha Bhaat is full of flavour as well as nutrients. It can make for a healthy lunch or dinner by itself. You can also take it for your tiffin meal. Since it requires simple, everyday ingredients, this recipe is also perfect for beginners. If you have leftover rice, it can take you as less as 10 minutes to put this dish together. If you’re craving some comforting food, don’t have too much time to cook or just enjoy Maharashtrian flavours, you must try this recipe.
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Phodnicha bhat is healthy and delicious

How To Make Phodnicha Bhaat At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Maharashtrian Tempered Rice

In a kadhai, heat oil and stir-fry a few peanuts. Once lightly roasted, remove them from the oil and set aside. Next, add whole dried red chilli, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, garlic, green chillies and curry leaves to the oil. Saute them for a minute or so. Add onions to this mixture and continue to saute. Once they turn translucent, add haldi and salt to taste. Then add the cooked rice to this mixture and combine well. Finally, add the chopped coriander, grated coconut and the fried peanuts. Squeeze lemon juice on top, mix lightly and serve hot.

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How To Serve Phodnicha Bhaat?

Phodnicha Bhaat can be savoured as it is. This rice dish is not too heavy on the system yet aromatic enough to indulge in. You can always have some curds, chutney or achar at the side while eating this bhaat. If your dal or curry has turned out rather bland, you can pair it with this rice to balance out the flavours.

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