Homeless Families To Be Moved Out Of London Hotel During Beyonce Tour: Report


When the Beyonce tour arrives in London later this month, it’s possible that 30 homeless families who have been residing in a north London Travelodge will be asked to leave.

The Guardian reported that families face removal from a Travelodge in Enfield and being placed in alternative temporary accommodation as their rooms have been booked by other people during Beyonce’s Renaissance world tour in London. Beyonce is scheduled to play five nights at the nearby Tottenham Hotspur stadium between May 29 and June 4.

About 100 rooms, or two-thirds of the hotel, are currently booked by the local council. They are occupied by families and individuals who reported themselves homeless to Enfield Council, some of whom live with four or five people in one room.

Families who have been temporarily forced to leave the hotel claim it is quite disturbing. Additionally, all possessions must be taken out, and children can miss out on school.

42-year-old Collette Collington, who has been living in the Enfield Travelodge since the start of the month, lives in one room with her four-year-old daughter and two-year-old twin sons, who have autism.

On Monday, she was informed that she would be transferred to a Travelodge in Hertfordshire and wouldn’t be able to return to Enfield until June 4.

“I don’t sleep as it is, but this news is very distressing. It’s not good for me, my mental health, or my two youngest children, who need stability because of their additional needs. Every environment we go into takes time for us to settle in. They have to be in the same routine. It will be very distressing for them,” she told The Guardian.

“It’s crazy how the council manages this; it’s like a potluck,” she said.

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