“Has Mark Zuckerberg Taken A Pay Cut?” Meta Employee Laid Off On Maternity Leave

The former employee said Meta’s “handling of the situation is appalling”. (Representational)

After laying off 11,000 employees last year, Facebook’s parent company Meta is now cutting 10,000 more jobs. Impacted by the fresh round of mass layoffs by the tech giant, a Meta employee has shared that she was sacked during her maternity leave. The worker questioned the company’s leadership and asked if its Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg took a pay cut.

In a LinkedIn post, Andi Allen, who worked as a Senior Technical Recruiter at Meta, wrote, “I was part of today’s Meta layoffs while on maternity leave”.

Adding that she understands the changes in the market trends, Ms Allen said, “I don’t understand how Meta leadership miscalculated so badly that they had to lay off thousands of employees, and yet still want to claim that they care about the people who work for them”.

Ms Allen then asked, “Has Mark Zuckerberg taken a pay cut?” She stated that her recruitment team was “top-notch” while saying that Meta’s “handling of the situation is appalling”.

Besides the layoffs, Meta Platforms Inc. is also planning to close roughly 5,000 openings, scrap lower-priority projects, and flatten layers of middle management. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company will ask managers to become individual contributors and give them less than 10 direct reports to make the organisation “flatter”. He added, “We don’t expect to grow headcount as quickly, it makes more sense to fully utilise each manager’s capacity and defragment layers as much as possible”.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, 2023 is Meta’s “year of efficiency”, which the company has been communicating to its employees during performance reviews.

Days ago, another former Meta employee named Sutha Sehgar shared, in a lengthy LinkedIn post, how her ordeal after getting sacked. Ms Sehgar worked as a talent acquisition staffer and said that she did not realise the “timeline would be this short”. Seeking help to bag another job, she said that “Times are hard and I know the road ahead is gonna be tough”.

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