Dog Sits Comfortably On Auto Driver’s Lap During Peak Bengaluru Traffic, Internet Amazed

The short clip was shared on Instagram by user Alka Pal.

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. These cute animals can brighten up anyone’s gloomy day with their sweet gestures. Dogs can not only be your companions, but can also act as helpers, protectors and lifesavers. Recently, a video of a dog sitting on the lap of an auto-rickshaw driver in Bengaluru traffic is going viral on the internet. The sweet video has amassed many reactions from social media users.

The short clip was shared on Instagram by user Alka Pal. In the video, an auto-rickshaw is seen stuck in the infamous Bengaluru traffic and a dog is seen resting on the driver’s lap. It seems extremely comfortable and is observing the traffic outside. Further in the clip, the driver is seen using a cloth to wipe his hands and then he goes on to wipe the face of the furry animal. This sweet gesture by the man has left everyone emotional. “Just a normal day in Bangalore,” reads the text on the video.

The video was shared on May 18 and since then it has amassed four lakh likes and two million views.

“He Earned my Respect,” said a user.

“I pray this man gets whatever he wants. He won hearts,” commented a person.

“Oh my God. I would travel in that auto whole day to help that auto driver and dog. God bless them both,” said another user.

A fourth person said, “Wow! !!! They both are happy. The auto driver is rich by heart.”

“I wish them both a lifetime friendship full of happiness and pace. May lord bless you with world’s happiness,” added another user.

“Save this man at any cost,” said another user. 

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