Dal Chawal, Papad And More – Baby Enjoys Indian Food In New York

Indian cuisine has proven its popularity not just in our country but all over the world. From North Indian gravies to South Indian dishes, there is so much that the cuisine has to offer. Gone are the days when Indian food would be labelled as ‘too spicy’ or ‘too exotic’. A number of food bloggers staying abroad are trying their hands at cooking and eating delicious Indian dishes. Not just adults, but even children are being introduced to the wonders of Indian food! Recently, a cute toddler was spotted trying Indian food at a restaurant in New York City. Desis gave the adorable baby full marks! Take a look at the video here:

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The video was shared on Instagram by Bridget Coolick, also known as ‘thecooleats’ on Instagram. “This is Part 1 of our dinner at Angel Indian Restaurant in Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC. My favourite food was the Lassuni Gobi, but it was too spicy for Sophia. She loved the Dal and Naan,” revealed the mother in the caption. In the clip, we could see Sophia trying out papad, dal and chawal. She enjoyed the crunchy papad and also asked for extra helpings of dal chawal and naan! Meanwhile, the restaurant left a comment on the video, “She’s our cutest customer till date, we will carry this memory in our hearts for a long time for sure. Angel eating at Angel Indian Restaurant,” they wrote.

A number of internet users reacted to the video of the toddler enjoying and trying Indian food. “As an Indian, I loved watching her eat and enjoy Indian food,” wrote one user. “Wow, impressed that she didn’t find the papad spicy! Cute, she’s such a good eater,” said another one. “I know grown adults in their 40s who won’t eat Indian food. This is amazing! Especially because Indian food is absolutely delicious,” added another user.

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