Customer Reacts Aggressively After Brewery Owner Films Him For Promo Video

After wrapping up the work for the day, a chilled glass of your favourite drink is what can truly wash away all the stress. It can be anything from a pint of beer or a chilled cocktail to just some lemonade or soda. Guzzling down some drinks gets even more enjoyable when you get together with your friends at a bar and laugh your heart out. Bars and cafes are places to catch up with your buddies and reminisce about the old days. A video has surfaced online which shows one such bar packed with people as its owner films them for a promo video. While it may sound completely normal to most of us, one of the customers had an unexpected reaction.
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In the video, shared on Twitter, customers can be seen having drinks, chatting, and enjoying at the bar. As the camera pans to the right, one of the customers suddenly reaches for the camera when and tries to attack the person recording the video. It seems the customer acted aggressively as the camera was turned towards him.

According to NowThis News, the video was recorded by the brewery’s owner Robert William Szajnuk. He was filming for a promotional video for his brewery located in Pennsylvania, US. After the unprecedented incident, the customer was escorted out. The clip was initially uploaded on TikTok. Many users have reacted to it.
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“I wonder if there is a sign at the entrance saying entry equals consent to be recorded for promotional purposes or if the patrons signed a release. One can expect to be on surveillance footage, but not in a commercial. Not condoning the patron’s action in any way, just musing,” a person wrote.

Here is how other people reacted to this news:

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