Chinese Woman’s Morning Lung Health Ritual Is ‘Human Alarm Clock’ For Neighbours

The woman has been doing this practice in the neighbourhood streets (Pexels)

A Chinese woman who wakes up every day at 6 am for a bike ride, shouts loudly to boost her lung capacity. However, her neighbours are not very happy with her morning health ritual and she has been dubbed the “human alarm clock”, according to a report by South China Morning Post.

Since October last year, the woman has been doing this practice in the neighbourhood streets in Anhui province. As she passes by the street, she shouts towards nearby residential housing blocks with one arm stretched out towards the units.

Her shouts can be heard across the block, one resident named Chang called her “human alarm clock” and “da geng woman”- it means night watchmen who used to tell the time by banging a gong as they walked the streets in ancient China.

Mr Chang posted a video of the woman’s daily routine on Chinese social media. He can be heard saying in the video, “Here she comes. Ready… start.”

The woman is shown cycling towards his building and letting out a shout for about 10 seconds.

As the woman let out another long shout, the man says, “Here’s another one.”

The video has amassed more than 70,000 views on Chinese social media with several comments.

For the video, Mr Chang started waking up early to record a video diary of her routine.

On Day 14, a group of residents confronts the woman and ask to stop making such loud noises. After the confrontation, the woman no longer shouted instead she slapped her legs, arms and chest.

After crossing Mr Chang’s block, the woman resumes her shouting regime.

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