Chinese Company’s Bizarre Demand From Female Staffers

The names of the three female employees were not revealed.

A Chinese company requested three female employees to take turns applying for maternity leaves. Wondering why? Well, so that the business operation would not be “paralysed”. One of the women who was unsure how to deal with the situation sought advice online with her post. It soon caused a backlash on Chinese social media, reported South China Morning Post.

The names of the three female employees were not revealed. The staffers were planning to have children around the same time and when the senior executives learned of this, they held a meeting with them and told them they should get pregnant in rotation to minimise inconvenience for the company.

One of the executives told the women, “You need to take turns to get pregnant.”

One of the women, 28, got married last year before she joined the company. She said she had planned to get pregnant even if she did not get a job.

Another woman, 37, wanted to have a child as soon as possible and the third female employee, 37, was planning to have her second child.

They were stunned by the executives’ bizarre request. The executive tried to convenience the trio that they have to drop their original plans of having a baby around the same time as the company will be left short-staffed, SCMP reported.

The 28-year-old female employee was told to social media to seek advice.

The post soon went viral and received 10,880 comments.

Commenting on the post, a user wrote, “If I worked in a company with three colleagues on maternity leave, I would be driven crazy by the overloaded work.”

Another user wrote, “Look how difficult it is for women to have a job.”

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