Bihar Headmistress Thrashed By Teachers In School As Students Watch

The two teachers had a personal dispute that escalated at the school.


An apparently simple argument over the shutting of windows in a school escalated into a physical altercation between a headmistress and two teachers in Patna. Students of Korea Panchayat Vidyalay stood by and watched their teachers exchange blows first inside the classroom and then in the field outside.

Viral videos show distressing visuals of a fight triggered by one party requesting to shut the windows of a classroom while the other refused. Through a grilled window young students watched their headmistress, Kanti Kumari, and teacher, Anita Kumari, exchange heated words.

As Kanti Kumari starts walking out of the classroom, the teacher runs after her with a slipper in her hand and begins hitting her with it. Another teacher joins in and the two wrestle her to the ground in the field. While one hits her with a slipper, the other uses a stick.

A second video shows the fight finally being broken up by some men as the children watched on, visibly shocked. NDTV cannot verify the authenticity of these viral videos.

Block Education Officer Naresh said that the two teachers had a personal dispute that escalated into the scene at the school. Mr Naresh added that the authorities have been apprised of the matter and further action in the matter is awaited.

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