A Serial Killer Theory In Bengaluru After 3 Women’s Bodies Found In Drums

Since December, three women have been found dead in drums.

New Delhi/ Bengaluru:

After a woman’s body was found in a plastic drum at a railway station in Bengaluru on Monday, the Congress has alleged “serial killings” in the city, targeting the BJP government ahead of the Karnataka election.

Since December, three women have been found dead in drums.

In the latest case, a woman’s body was found in a drum near one of the entry gates of the Baiyappanahalli railway station in Bengaluru between 10 am and 11 am on Monday. The drum had been stuffed with clothes and lidded.

The police claim to have solved the murder. The woman, 27-year-old Tamanna, was killed by her brother-in-law, they say.

Tamanna had allegedly left her husband Afroz in Bihar’s Araria and had eloped with a relative, Intequab. The couple was living in Bengaluru.

Afroz’s brother Kamal allegedly killed the woman on February 12, with help from his friends.

The police said Kamal and his friends left the body in a drum at the railway station a day later. They had travelled in an autorickshaw and were tracked down with the help of security footage.

Three suspects have been arrested and five more are missing, the police said.

The first such crime surfaced on December 6, when a drum was found on a train with a decomposed body inside. On January 4, another body, with multiple injuries, was found on a platform in Bengaluru’s Yeshwantpur railway station. None of these women have been identified.

The police denied any link to previous “drum” murders or any role of a serial killer.

“This case has nothing to do with the two previous cases. So far, we haven’t found anything to indicate that a serial killer is involved,” said Railway Police officer Somlata.

Congress leader Randeep Surjewala tweeted: “Bangaloreans -Remember the dates! Dead Bodies of 3 Women found stuffed in drums/barrel at Rlys Stations. Law & Order has failed. Serial killings galore.”

Mr Surjewala shared a news report that suggested that the police had detected a pattern and suspected a serial killer.

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