80 Prison Officials In Delhi Transferred After Killing Of 2 Gangsters

New Delhi:

Eighty prison officials in Delhi were transferred today, a day after the Delhi High Court asked authorities some searching questions about gangster Tillu Tajpuria’s killing inside Tihar Jail. He was killed on May 2 allegedly by members of a rival gang.

According to a senior official, the Tillu Tajpuriya murder was viewed seriously by the authorities which prompted a streamlining of things and also necessitated the need for ground level changes.

The court yesterday questioned the prison authorities about the delay in responding to the brutal attack. A CCTV video which emerged on social media purportedly showed Tajpuriya being attacked in front of security personnel and also when they were carrying him away after he was stabbed. The personnel did nothing when a dying Tajpuria was repeatedly stabbed while he was being carried away.

The high court also asked why the security personnel deployed in the jail premises do not have walkie talkies for communication and termed it as unacceptable.

“What bothers me is that it is watched on CCTV cameras. How can the police take so much of time that it cannot be stopped while the incident is happening,” Justice Jasmeet Singh said and asked the counsel for the state as to what is the distance between the jail and surveillance area.

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